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You want to transfer to another football club? Changing clubs after moving or to play in a higher division is not always easy. POACHER is changing that! Searching for a suitable club in your area is simple via our platform. With just a few clicks you can find clubs with open places in the squad and contact the persons in charge directly. No more time-consuming researching, waiting or worrying. Find your club and soon be on the pitch with your new teammates!

How POACHER works for players

At POACHER, you simply register for free and create your personal player profile. Here you enter your age, your position and your class, for example. This way, interested clubs are able to find you specifically when they are looking for new players. Of course, you can also take the initiative and search for clubs yourself.

Introduce yourself:

Create your own convincing player profile.

Find clubs:

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a local club.

Get in touch:

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with club leaders.

Change your club:

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Use the search function to find clubs from the Regionalliga to the Kreisliga directly in your area. If you are new in town, there are no hurdles anymore to play football again quickly.

Have you found a club you would like to join? Then get in touch with the person responsible via our platform and chat with trainers and coaches. That is your first step to your successful club change. Now it is up to you to convince the club and complete the transfer.

Another advantage: You can also chat with other footballers via POACHER and exchange information about everything to do with football. Just give it a try:


Take part: the digital transfer market for amateur football

With POACHER, the transfer market in amateur football gets on a new level. We provide the opportunity for clubs and the footballer to find each other qickly and easily. Long searches and wasted applications with clubs that are not looking for new players are no longer an issue. Use the chat function to contact those persons responsible that have open places in their team and talk about your possible transfer together.

Change the football club? This is how it works!

Changing football clubs is not as easy as it sounds, even in amateur football. There are also change periods, deadlines and formalities to be observed. But don’t worry, we have the most important facts for a smooth transfer to a new club:

Deadlines and transfer window for amateurs

In amateur football, it is not the DFB that is responsible for the regulations, but the relevant regional or state association. Despite this, there are some similarities between amateurs and professionals. First of all, the change period in which a transfer is possible is important.

A transfer to a new club is possible in summer between July 1 and August 31 and in winter between January 1 and 31. So keep in mind to deregister from your current club in time! You must deregister before June 30 if you wish to change clubs in the summer at the start of the new season. In general, you can deregister online or per post.

What happens if you deregister after June 30?

You missed the deregistration deadline and only deregistered after June 30? Your transfer may still work out. If your last match was six months ago or even longer, you can change clubs at any time and are immediately allowed to play.

But: There is no standard rule among the regional associations whether the last match refers only to competitive matches or also to friendly matches. In case of doubt, it is better to ask.

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